Friday, May 6, 2011


Just realised its been a while since I posted......oh well....

Workin in meaford, teaching basic training for the army can be draining at the best of times.....this week I put in a solid 70hours or so of work......pretty easy when you are working 0500-2200 daily teaching classes, doing PT, and doing the un godly amount of paperwork that these kids cause me......

Anyways, i spaked out on mansfeild due to the army seems to have once again forgot to pay I had no cash, so I just chilled at home. This weekend is the first interclub, so it will be interesting to see where the legs are, its been about 2 weeks since I did any real training.....oh, and I have some sutures in my right shin from where i tore some flesh off right down to the all in all, normal army course....have no life to do real

Monday, April 18, 2011


So I am back to civilization....or Canada. What the hell, i drove through a snow storm to get home. I am supposed to be able to come home from the derty south, and ride single track, now its all covered in snow.

I got a decent last week in, with some good rides with benno, one painfull ride at issaqueena where I snapped my hanger like 10km from my car, and i didnt feel like breaking my chain, so i just walked out. So I am home now, hoping to get out for a fewhours today, probably go check out copeland, see if its dry enough to ride the trails there. If not just will be a road ride somewhere, maby over to collingwood.

Heading up to meaford to start working there tomorrow, so hears hopin there is time to train.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Clean Southern Fun

Havnt posted in a few days. Just a quick update. I have been riding pretty much every day, though I have been sick latley, so i havnt been going too too hard. I started off with a 4 hour ride with ben and jerome on sunday, monday rode isaaqueena for about 2 hours. Tuesday just spun for an hour on the road bike, stopped in seneca to get some cold medication. Wednesday did about 2 hours of either climbing or decending in Pisga Park(there is nothing flat or rolling). Yesterday did a decent day of climbing. Rode the Blue Ridge Parkway, it was about 4 hours, 115km, something around 5000ft of climbing.

Today I might just do an hour or two on the road bike. I need to do an overhaul of the BB first. Then I need to get my car into a shop. Something is up with the front driver wheel. Either ball joint or CV joint.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Made it to bens. 14 hours 20 minutes. Ben said he beat me when he drove. I did it on 2 hours of sleep though, so I win. I think I found every starbucks on the way down. I am still jacked on caffeine. There is talk of a ceasars head ride tomorrow. Supposed to be nice. I will see if I am up for it when I wake up, I am exaughsted right now.

Friday, April 1, 2011

being lazy

I dont know whats come over me the last few days, but i have just not been in a riding mood. I was sick last weekend, so i missed out on the pancake ride.....then i headed back to petewawa for 3 days of work, and just had zero motivation. I would get to my room after work at around 5, and just sleep until around 9, get up, have a drink of water, contacts out, and back to sleep until wake up time next day. I think I am still battling sickness.

Yesterday was present day. Sorta, still had to pay for part of it. The new uniforms for team Total Sports the Bike Shop came in. Went, got my kits, got my derailer hangers(for the new mtb, to replace the one that lasted about 5 seconds before i crashed). I had dropped off my car to get some work done on it before I head off to the south, and i was on a road bike. It may not have been the brightest of ideas to buy all this stuff while on a road bike. So I got a bag from mark, and road home with a big bag of stuff in it hanging off my road bike.

Cleaned up, started packing(so as I write this, there is a giant pile of clothes as I am trying to decide what to take) and had some lunch. Got a text, car was done, so I thought sweet, lets both do a test on the mountain bike, and the new kit. So I rode the snowmobile trails(half ice, half slush, half mud, half super dry....kinda like man bear pig), into midland, well atleast until the top of baseline, and took balm beach rd the rest of the way. I like the kits, shorts are longer then i like, though I am sure I will get used to them, or get mad one day and just trim them. Who knows.

So today is finish packing, clean up my mess, clean up my car day. Then I head off to the big smoke(toronto) to watch the sold out jays home opener. Crash at my buddies condo, then point my car in a southernly direction for about 14 hours on saturday.

Hopefully stu will get his road bike this weekend, so i can pickup my new frame from him. It would be ballin to have a newish bike for down south. Especially because my BB on my road bike now is torched.

In other news....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pure Domination

So for all the smak talking spak and jacob could muster, turned out to be nothing more then just that. I will have to wait until the results are posted online to confirm, but i think that Team Awesome beat jacob by a matter of like 2-3 minutes. with spak a distant third in this race inside a race.

So the race order went bike, snowshoe, ski. Tristan led it out for us on the bike, after not getting taken out by matt on the start(not for lack of trying on matts part), he seemed to roll out in good position. He would have to talk more of the bike, but it seems jacob gapped the feild on the first climb, and tristan said he just took more risks on the decent, and caught back up, so we were only down a few seconds on the bike going into T1. Well obviously being a team, we were going to win the transition game every time, so a quick tag off once tristan found me, and I was off. I was going at a pretty good clip for the first 1km or so, so I backed it down a notch, and walked like 4 times. Mostly after a climb, and just for a few seconds, catch my breath, re-adjust my one peice, aero, race suit, and back to the running. Coffee run was a little sketch comming down the hills, but it wasnt the worst. I rolled in, well ran in, and tagged off to Sir Watson. Posting a respectable 12:29 on for the 3km. So I was pretty pleased, I was under 15 which was my goal time. Andrew held onto our solid lead, to finish about 1:40ish ahead of second place. So I am happy, my fun race was both fun and we won. I believe they call that win win win...the extra win is for how awesome the team was.

Now lets back up a bit, yesterday, hit up blue mountain to see a man about a mountain bike. Well loosley defined as a man. Got the new bike loaded in the car. Got changed, and headed out for a road ride, figured when in rome.........(anchorman reference for those that dont get my humour). Rode Senic Caves rd twice....its alot longer then i seem to remember. Then figured andrew would kill me if I wasnt fresh for today, so I headed down into collingwood to spin out the ol legs. I was feeling good, and going through town I was actually using the left lane to start passing cars. Without having a computer, I would have to assume I was doing around 55-60. Then again i did have a tail wind. So I continued with my little circumnavigation of collingwood. Stopped at Expresso Post for a latte, and headed back to the car. Finally rolled into home around 230-3 ish. Played with the new bike, some changes to make it mine(gold derailer housing), and slightly adjusted the saddle height.

This afternoon is going to be full of cleaning bikes to get them ready to be sold in the hardwood swap. Then going bowling apparently to celelbrate a certain teamates birthday, which was yesterday..

Seacrest out.....I mean Brandon out.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

never trust a man named tristan, when he is on a bike beside you...

Well, to be honest, i dont think I would go so far as to call tristan a man......maby pre pubescent boy.....judging by the scream as he crashed, and took out jacob today.

So started off the morning nice, got up, made a turkey and peppper omlette, some coffee, slowly got dressed for the days ride, and headed out to the magical horseshoe valley. Met up with Jacob, where he announced that tristan stopped to get a bagel, which ment he would be exactly 7 minutes late. 8 minutes late tristan pulled up....liar. We talked for a few minutes while he got ready, and we rolled out. Climbing out of the valley, we dropped tristan like a butter face you met at the bar lastnight. This seemed to set the tone for the ride, me and jacob were not really going all out on the hills, but seemingly to tristan, we were given 'er. Oh, i forgot to mention, Tristan forgot the road bike part of the road ride, so he was riding his Rocky Mantain(cross bike). Rolled into JIZ's place around the 2 hour mark. All in all, a fun, albeit wet and cold, ride.

Tomorrow will be a surpirse, as i have no idea what i am doing. Car need to get into the shop, as i think my front passenger brake isnt working, makes stopping more of a challege. Driving was too easy it seems.

Looks like I am going to head a tad south to get my new bikes this weekend....that will be like christmas in july....only in march. Oh, and pancake ride #1 in a week.....lots of training to get done for that ride....gotta fast before hand so i can eat lots of the 'cakes.